MBSE Training Courses

The authors of Vitech’s Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering, David Long and Zane Scott, offer teams that wish to learn about model-based systems engineering a variety of sessions ranging from 2 hours to 3 days. These classes are designed to suit your team’s needs – whether you simply want to appreciate the fundamental concepts and applicability or to transform their practice – David, Zane, and their supporting team of seasoned practitioners at Vitech Corporation deliver a course that you will find useful and engaging.

The objective of these sessions in model-based systems engineering is to provide your team with a basic familiarity with the concepts of model-based systems engineering as practiced in Vitech Corporation’s layered approach known as the STRATA™ method.

Participants completing these sessions will emerge with a basic understanding of the concepts of model-based systems engineering and the value adding advantages of the model-based approach. Whether a program or project manager or a hands-on systems engineer, he or she will have an understanding of how and why the model-based approach differs from other, more traditional methodologies.

The sessions can be presented in a variety of formats, tailored to the needs of the audience. The training design allows it to target both technical and non-technical audiences. Each instructor brings to the course his own experiences and perspectives. Depending on whether your needs are aligned with David’s technical and traditional systems engineering background or Zane’s enterprise business process focus, the course can speak directly to your situation.

Perhaps you are seeking new markets and opportunities and want to hear a “different take” on systems engineering. In that case, you can choose the instructor that brings perspectives and experiences outside your own. But no matter which instructor you choose you will receive a solid grounding in the basic concepts and principles of model-based systems engineering from these two senior professionals.

In either case, the basic concepts of model-based systems engineering are presented using language and examples appropriate to the audience. The content is also designed so that it can be delivered in varying levels of detail. This allows the training to be tailored to a two or three day, one day, half day, or two hour format. (One hour and keynote presentations are also available, though these thought-provoking sessions are certainly of a different scope than the training courses). Vitech will work with you to identify the appropriate delivery and timeframe for the course.

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