The CORE Integrated Desktop

Since the release of CORE 7, I’ve answered lots of questions about the new Integrated Desktop. For our customers who previously had CORE Enterprise Client, the CORE 7 Integrated Desktop represents the addition of a local repository. This new capability comes with plenty of questions.


I took the most frequently asked questions and built them into a new screencast that will walk you through some of the first things you’ll want to know as you get acquainted with CORE 7. The Video can be seen below.



If you’ve seen my other screencasts, then you know that this video will not only explain the topic, but will also show you the steps on screen. If you haven’t seen my screencasts, now is the perfect time to take a look! For those with MySupport accounts, you can view screencasts on Versioning and other topics Here.

If you know of a topic that you’d like for me to cover, let me know! Email me at

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