The Transition between CORE™ and GENESYS™

Should I transition to GENESYS?  That’s a question I am sure a lot of system engineering managers using CORE are asking themselves.  It’s not an easy question to answer and I suggest you need to look at more than the individual tool capabilities.

As a team manager, consider the organizational impacts brought on by changing your MBSE toolset first, then consider the technical advantages and features of the toolset.  If your organization cannot handle changing your MBSE toolset, then regardless of the technical advantages, the change will not be successful.

Granted, moving from CORE to GENESYS will not present the same level of technical challenge as learning a whole new environment, you must have an organization capable of making the transition.

The organizational questions you need to ask include:

Is your organization open to change?  Do you need to introduce a change in small steps, or can the organization handle a big change?

Are there particular people in your organization who can handle change easier than others?  If so, are you able to place these persons into a segregated work group using a new MBSE tool?

How many engineers, using how many licenses do I have?  And, how much of this organization will migrate to GENESYS?

What is the schedule to complete the change?  How many phases?  How many licenses at a time?

Do you need to maintain a CORE license to support systems that have completed design and are now in deployment?

What system designs project will transition?  If you are in a design effort and close to completing a preliminary design review (PDR) or working toward a critical design review (CDR), can you afford switching system design tools?

Are your customers and stakeholders open to accepting the change?

Once you understand the organizational aspects to changing your toolset and have a way to handle the organizational risks, then you can look at the technical advantages and disadvantages to the change.

With an organizational change strategy mapped out, Vitech’s customer support representatives are ready to help you understand the technical features and advantages of GENESYS.  Give them a call.

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