What Problem Do You Want to Solve?

Today is GENESYS™ 4.0 Launch Day – you’ve likely received numerous emails from us, maybe have seen the press release, and have hopefully watched our launch day webinar. (Missed it? The recording will land in our Webinar Archive by tomorrow.) Whether you are an existing GENESYS or CORE user or not – we think you’ll be excited about the new features we have to offer in the software.

At the same time – it’s just software, right? Aren’t software companies releasing new versions, new features, and new looks all the time? Software is just a tool to get a job done, and Vitech is just a vendor in a sea of options that provide these types of tools.

But there’s something different about Vitech.

I recently read an article focused on helping kids figure out what their future careers might be. The author suggested that instead of asking kids “What do you want to be when you grow up?” ask “What problems do you want to solve?” Asking this question digs deeper, passing “job” to go for “passion” and sparking an exploration of strengths to ultimately produce fulfilling vocations.

Complex projects don’t work like we want them to, and we all pay the price for that with lost money, time, jobs, and sometimes even lives. Some problems are downright “wicked.” (By the way- students of complexity call problems that defy solution with rapidly changing requirements and no clear stopping point “wicked.”) Tackling such problems is the passion of systems engineers with a thirst for challenge. Such engineers would answer the question of vocation with “Solving important, complex problems.”

Vitech was founded by systems engineers who knew the right questions to ask. Their passion was solving complex- even wicked- problems. The fire ignited by that team is still hot today, and has led to a comprehensive solution to help other engineers who answered the question of vocation the same way we did. GENESYS 4.0 is the latest chapter in the story of that solution.

Yes, GENESYS, like our services team, and our training courses have been built first for engineers, but in reality comprise a solution that has been built for all of us. We believe in the problem-solving power of the systems engineer, and we believe in the creative power of the human mind. We know that by providing a systems solution that enables the engineer to create, innovate, solve, and test without spending valuable time tracking, bookkeeping, and maintaining tangled messes of data we benefit not only the engineer and her customer but society as a whole.

CORE™ has provided the foundation for the best in systems engineering, and GENESYS has built on it to reach new heights with a fully connected environment that can bring the entire team together. From physical modeling to project schedule planning, from V&V to analytical engineering, from design to program management and beyond, we are ready to help engineers tackle any problem they want to solve and we are proud to be a part of it.

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