On Vitech’s 25th Anniversary

As Vitech celebrates 25 years of being in business, we offer you this poem in a lighthearted vein.

“What defines this thing called a system?” is a question good thinkers must ask.
But luckily for all the world’s people, Vitech is up to the task.
Creating something where adding all units becomes greater than the sum of all parts
Is accomplished by superb engineers using both their minds and their hearts.
But the charge of improving our lives—from transportation to health care to defense,
Requires what’s often uncommon, and that is, indeed, common sense.
A T-shaped sort of knowledge is demanded—one that is both broad and deep,
So that when a problem’s encountered, one can make that cognitive leap.
But as we wrestle with all the ontology and random emergent behavior,
A clear understanding of systems will likely be our best savior.
There are four domains we must master, from Requirements on through V&V,
All of which are decidedly critical to high-level MBSE.
We must also be savvy in diagrams—the activity, the sequence, the spider;
As we demonstrate these to our customers—one just may be the purchase decider.
But our prowess with our technical tools is balanced by combinatorial play
Such that when wicked problems arise, the Vitech solution wins the day!
As we move into our next quarter century, may insight through integration coalesce,
With our vision and solid approach, into a resounding success.

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